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Maison Privee Arabia provides unique massage services for companies in Dubai and the UAE. Our mission is to make workforces healthier, more motivated, and engaged by offering chair massages right in the office.

These massages help reduce stress and improve focus, leading to happier, more effective employees. By managing stress and promoting wellbeing, our services ensure staff are more connected to their work and less likely to face health issues that can lower their productivity. Our approach supports a positive, energetic work environment, making a real difference in how employees feel and perform. Trust us to bring wellness and efficiency to your workplace.

How do you make sure your team stays healthy and gets work done,
especially with all the recent changes in how we work?


Events, Corporate settings, and Special Occasions.

At Maison Privee, we specialize in bringing the rejuvenating experience of chair massages directly to you, whether it's at your workplace, a wedding, or any significant event. Our professional massage therapists arrive fully equipped with comfortable massage chairs and soothing music to create a tranquil oasis wherever you are. Our flexible service allows for massages tailored in duration from a quick 5-minute session to longer, more indulgent experiences, all while you remain comfortably clothed. We focus on relieving tension in key areas like the back, neck, and shoulders, making our massages perfect for any setting.

For Companies - Maison Privee Chair Massages are an excellent way to boost team spirit, enhance productivity, and demonstrate your commitment to employee wellness. It's a thoughtful, health-promoting activity that employees appreciate, fostering a positive and caring work environment.

For Weddings, Parties, and Events - Treat your guests to the luxury of Maison Privee Chair Massages. This delightful and soothing addition will undoubtedly stand out, offering a memorable experience that adds a touch of elegance and relaxation to your event.

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