Where Dubai’s Best Brows Take Shape

We are renowned for being the best brow salon in Dubai, offering a spectrum of bespoke eyebrow services tailored to your individual style and preferences. At Maison Privee Arabia, we understand that eyebrows are more than just a feature; they are an essential aspect of your facial symmetry and expression. Our team of skilled experts specializes in a variety of techniques, from microblading and microshading to ombre brows, HD brows, brow lamination, brow henna, and meticulous brow shaping. Each service is designed to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your brow game.

Using state-of-the-art tools and the highest quality products, we ensure a luxurious experience that promises stunning, long-lasting results. Whether you’re seeking a subtle enhancement or a complete brow transformation, Maison Privee Arabia is your go-to destination for unparalleled eyebrow services in Dubai. Embrace the beauty of perfectly crafted brows and experience the Maison Privee Arabia difference today.

Brow Shaping

Brow Shaping is a fundamental service for enhancing your natural eyebrow look. It involves expertly trimming, waxing, and tweezing to achieve the perfect brow shape that complements your facial features. Suitable for anyone seeking a quick yet significant improvement in their brow appearance, this service caters to all brow types, full, sparse, or uneven brows. Brow Shaping is an excellent way to maintain a neat, polished look, offering a significant boost to your overall facial aesthetics.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting is a popular service designed to enhance the color, shape, and thickness of your brows. Using semi-permanent vegetable dye, this treatment adjusts the tone of your eyebrows to ensure they complement your hair color and skin tone. Perfect for those looking to darken light brows or add depth to faded ones, Eyebrow Tinting creates a fuller look that frames your face beautifully, making it an essential for both dramatic and natural makeup looks.

Brow Henna

Brow Henna is a natural and long-lasting eyebrow tinting option using henna, an organic dye. It’s perfect for those who prefer a fuller brow look with the added benefit of skin staining, giving an illusion of depth and fullness in the eyebrow area. This service is especially suitable for individuals with sparse or over-plucked brows, offering a more defined and striking shape. Brow Henna enhances the natural beauty of your eyebrows and provides a lasting, low-maintenance solution.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is a cutting-edge treatment that redefines the look of your natural eyebrows. This helps smoothens and lifts the brow hairs, creating a uniform, full appearance. It’s an excellent choice for those desiring a well-groomed, feathery look without daily styling. Brow Lamination is ideal for taming unruly brows or enhancing thin, sparse brows. The result is sleek, elegant eyebrows that beautifully frame your face, lasting several weeks.

HD Brows

HD Brows (Sculpt) is a tailored eyebrow service that combines several techniques to create the perfect brow shape for your face. It includes custom-tinting, waxing, threading, and styling to transform your eyebrows into their ideal form. HD Brows ensures a result that not only looks natural but also complements your facial features. HD Brows is perfect for anyone seeking a comprehensive brow makeover, offering a sculpted, polished look

Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows is a semi-permanent technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look, offering a seamless blend from light to dark. This service provides a subtle transition that mimics the natural brow color, making it ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance, everyday solution. Ombre Brows gives you the freedom from daily eyebrow makeup, providing a beautiful gradient effect that enhances your facial features.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that crafts the appearance of fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Using fine strokes that mimic natural hairs, it fills in sparse areas, offering a realistic and dimensional look. Suitable for all brow types, Microblading is particularly beneficial for those wanting to reconstruct, define, or fill in over-plucked brows, ensuring a natural and lasting enhancement.


Microshading, often referred to as the ‘powder brow’ look, provides a softer, fuller eyebrow appearance using a stippling method. This technique is perfect for individuals seeking a more subtle, makeup-like effect with added depth. Especially advantageous for those with oily or sensitive skin, Microshading creates a natural shadow that gives your brows a beautiful, consistent color and shape.