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Silky Smooth

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Bouncy Volume

Elevate Your Hair with Effortless Fullness

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Glamour Waves

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Blow Dry

Discover a new dimension of hairstyling at Maison Privee’s Blow Dry Studio in Dubai, where we transform the humble blow dry into an exquisite masterpiece of hair artistry. At Maison Privee, we believe that a blow dry is more than a step in the hairstyling process - it’s the defining touch that illuminates your style, boosting your confidence and ensuring you make a lasting impression.

Our adept stylists, equipped with advanced techniques and high-quality tools, create styles that are visually stunning and tailored to your unique hair texture and individual needs. Each blow dry is customized, shaping and volumizing your hair to enhance your look and highlight your natural beauty.

From sleek, straight finishes to cascades of bouncing curls, the versatility of our blow-dry service allows us to create the perfect finish for every style. We use premium products to protect your hair throughout the process and retain a lasting, luminous shine.

Experience the transformative power of a professional blow dry at Maison Privee. Let us elevate your style and boost your confidence, all within the relaxing ambiance of our Dubai salon. Maison Privee’s expert blow dry service makes every day a good hair day.


Sleek & Straight

Mermaid waves blow dry hairstyle, showcasing long, cascading, wavy locks

Mermaid Waves

beach waves hairstyle created through blow-drying

Beach Waves

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Person with a soft curls blow-dry hairstyle

Soft Curls

Sleek & Straight

Experience the epitome of elegance with the ‘Sleek & Straight Blow Dry’ at Maison Privee. This service transforms your hair into a smooth, glossy cascade that exudes sophistication and glamour. Ideal for those seeking a refined, polished look, our sleek and straight blow-dry is a statement of elegant beauty.

Our skilled stylists begin the process with a comprehensive consultation to understand your hair type, condition, and style preferences. Following this, we apply a heat-protective product to shield your hair from potential damage and enhance its natural shine.

Utilizing the latest techniques and professional-grade tools, our stylists meticulously blow dry your hair in sections, ensuring each strand is perfectly straight and silky smooth. We combine the precision heat of a hairdryer with the control of a styling brush, drawing them down the hair together to eliminate frizz and promote a sleek finish. Depending on hair length and thickness, the process typically takes 45 minutes to an hour. But rest assured; the result is a stunningly sleek and straight style that radiates a glossy shine.

Experience the transformation to a smoother, shinier, and more refined version of yourself with Maison Privee’s ‘Sleek & Straight Blow Dry.’ Enjoy the satisfaction of perfectly straight hair that’s both luxurious and easy to manage.


Beach Waves

Discover the allure of effortless chic with Maison Privee’s ‘Beach Waves Blow Dry.’ This service creates beautifully tousled waves in your hair, mimicking the naturally relaxed curls you’d get after a day spent by the sea. It’s the perfect way to channel a relaxed, bohemian vibe while adding volume and movement to your hair.

The journey to achieving beachy waves begins with a consultation where our stylist assesses your hair type and discusses your style preferences. Then, a heat-protective product is applied to prepare your hair for blow-drying and enhance its natural shine. Our experienced stylists then employ expert techniques to create your beach waves. Using a round brush and a blow dryer, they skillfully shape and define your waves, section by section. Each strand is coaxed into the perfect, undulating wave, creating a beautifully textured, voluminous look.

The service usually takes 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your hair’s length and thickness. The result is a stunning, tousled style with a carefree, beachy charm.

Let your hair embrace the freedom of the ocean with our ‘Beach Waves Blow Dry. It’s the perfect way to bring a holiday spirit to your everyday look. With Maison Privee, every day can feel like a beach day.

beach waves hairstyle created through blow-drying

Hollywood Blow Dry

Hollywood Blow Dry promises to deliver hair that’s voluminous, shiny, and brimming with Hollywood-style glamour, making it perfect for special occasions or when you simply want to feel fabulous.

Our Hollywood Blow Dry starts with a personalized consultation to understand your hair type and specific style preferences. We then prepare your hair with a heat-protective product to prevent potential damage and enhance your hair’s natural shine.

Our expert stylists utilize state-of-the-art techniques to create dramatic volume and bouncing curls reminiscent of iconic Hollywood starlets. They craft each curl precisely using a round brush and a professional-grade blow-dryer, molding your hair section by section. The hair is then set with pins to cool and maintain each curl’s shape, ensuring lasting hold and bounce.

The process typically takes 60 to 75 minutes, depending on your hair’s length and thickness. The result is a cascade of glamourous, bouncy curls epitomizing Hollywood chic.

Step into the spotlight and unleash your inner starlet with Maison Privee’s ‘Hollywood Blow Dry.’ Elevate your style to a new level of glamour, and let your hair take center stage.

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Soft Curles

Get ready to fall in love with the timeless charm of ‘Soft Curls’ at Maison Privee. Our Soft Curls Blow Dry service is designed to give your hair a soft, romantic wave that adds volume, movement, and elegance to any look, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear and special occasions.

The process begins with a personalized consultation, where our stylist assesses your hair type and discusses your desired style. We then apply a heat-protective product to safeguard your hair from potential heat damage and enhance its natural shine. Our professional stylists use advanced blow-drying techniques to create your soft curls. Employing a round brush and a top-quality blow dryer, they meticulously work through your hair, section by section, to craft delicate, undulating curls that radiate softness and femininity.

The service lasts 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your hair’s length and density. The result is a head full of soft, loose curls that move with a natural grace and deliver an effortlessly chic look.

With Maison Privee’s ‘Soft Curls Blow Dry,’ indulge in the gentle charm of soft curls and let your hair speak the language of romance and elegance.

Person with a soft curls blow-dry hairstyle

Mermaid Waves

Get ready to embrace the mystique of the ocean with Mermaid Waves. Our expert stylists turn your hair into a cascading masterpiece of natural, flowing waves that echo the rhythm of the sea.

The journey begins as we prepare your locks after a thorough wash. We carefully detangle your hair and apply a thermo-active treatment. This step safeguards your hair from potential heat damage and coats the hair fiber for better hold and a long-lasting wave.

Next, we pre-dry your hair to give it more volume. This process involves drying your hair upside-down, focusing the hairdryer attachment at your roots to make them more supple. The heat lifts your roots, and a final cold blast secures the volume. Moving on to the star of the show - creating your beautiful mermaid waves. Our stylists work strand by strand, curling your locks around a round brush while maintaining a safe distance with the hot blast.

This technique heats and shapes your hair into soft, glamorous waves. The brush size varies depending on your hair length, ensuring each curl gets the perfect bounce and wave. Finally, we allow your curls to cool down before gently unraveling them, revealing your transformation into an alluring mermaid. Depending on your hair’s length and density, this service typically takes between 60 to 75 minutes.

Mermaid waves blow dry hairstyle, showcasing long, cascading, wavy locks


Blow drying is a haircare method that involves using a hair dryer to remove moisture from the hair after a shower or bath.

A blowout is a specific styling method that typically involves using a blow dryer and a round brush to smooth and add volume to the hair.

An ionic hair dryer releases negative ions, which help to break down the water molecules on your hair, resulting in faster drying and less frizz.

A ceramic hair dryer distributes heat evenly, while a tourmaline hair dryer emits both negative ions and infrared heat for quicker drying and less hair damage.

Round brushes are commonly used for blowouts to add volume, while paddle brushes are used for straightening and smoothing the hair.

For more hair volume, focus the hair dryer at the roots and lift the hair using a round brush. You can also use volumizing products before blow drying.

Yes, use a heat protection spray to prevent hair damage, and always aim the dryer nozzle downwards to minimize frizz.

Frequent blow drying at high temperatures can cause hair damage. It’s essential to use heat protection products and moderate heat settings.

A professional blowout can last up to a week, depending on your hair type and how well you maintain it.

Yes, but the technique and products used may vary depending on hair texture and length.