Pedicure at Maison Privee

A pedicure at Maison Privee transcends the ordinary, offering a rejuvenating journey for your feet. This treatment includes comprehensive care like nail trimming, shaping, exfoliation, and moisturizing, tailoring to individual needs. Our salon presents a spectrum of pedicure types, from the essential classic pedicure for foundational foot care to luxurious options that indulge your senses with soothing massages and high-quality products.

These pedicures are not just about aesthetics; they bring significant health benefits. They improve nail health, enhance blood circulation, and gently remove dead skin cells, effectively preventing common foot issues such as calluses and ingrown toenails. Regular pedicure sessions also serve as a therapeutic escape, aiding in stress reduction and promoting overall mental and physical well-being.

Our expertise in foot care sets us apart. Our skilled professionals, trained in the latest pedicure techniques, ensure a harmonious blend of beauty treatment and therapeutic care. Maison Privee upholds the highest standards of hygiene, using meticulously sterilized instruments and strict sanitation protocols to guarantee a safe and pristine environment for every client.

Indulge in the Maison Privee pedicure experience, where we offer not just aesthetic enhancement but a sanctuary for your feet, ensuring comfort, health, and a touch of luxury.

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Classic Pedicure

Maison Privee's Classic Pedicure stands as a paragon of foot care excellence, embodying the quintessence of a pedicure in Dubai. This service is meticulously crafted to blend aesthetic elegance with profound foot rejuvenation. Beginning with a tranquil foot soak in a fragrant, warm bath, it sets the tone for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Our skilled technicians provide expert nail care, ensuring each toenail is shaped and buffed to perfection, reflecting the high standards of pedicure excellence in Dubai. Precision cuticle care is delivered to encourage healthy nail growth and a tidy appearance. The heart of our Classic Pedicure lies in the expert exfoliation process, which gently yet effectively removes dead skin and softens the heels, a vital step for maintaining the health and softness of your feet.

Following the exfoliation is a hydrating foot massage, employing top-tier lotions to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate your skin, leaving your feet feeling exceptionally soft and rejuvenated. This massage not only relaxes the muscles but also boosts circulation, providing therapeutic benefits that epitomize the luxury of a pedicure in Dubai.

Concluding with a meticulous polish application from our extensive selection of premium colors, your nails are given a stunning, glossy finish.

Embrace the elegance and relaxation of Maison Privee's Classic Pedicure, a true representation of luxurious pedicure services in Dubai.

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French Pedicure

The French Pedicure at Maison Privee offers a taste of Parisian chic right here in Dubai. This elegant treatment combines style and relaxation, making it a favorite for those who seek a classic and sophisticated look.

Your experience begins with a soothing foot bath, infused with fragrant essences to soften and prepare your feet, setting the stage for a luxurious pedicure. Expert nail shaping and cuticle care follow, emphasizing neatness and elegance. The essence of the French Pedicure, a signature style featuring a crisp white tip with a natural or pale pink base, is an iconic look that brings a timeless charm suitable for any occasion.

An essential part of this pedicure is the exfoliation process. It targets dead skin and rough areas, especially the heels, enhancing both the beauty and health of your feet. A moisturizing foot massage using premium lotions follows, leaving your feet feeling exceptionally soft and rejuvenated.

Concluding with the application of high-quality, long-lasting nail polish, your French Pedicure remains pristine and stylish, embodying the essence of French Pedicure in Dubai.

At Maison Privee, we invite you to indulge in the luxury and elegance of a French Pedicure, a perfect blend of Parisian allure and Dubai’s cosmopolitan vibe.

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Gelish Pedicure

The Gelish Pedicure at Maison Privee is a modern solution for those seeking lasting beauty and durability in their foot care regimen. In Dubai, where style meets practicality, our Gelish Pedicure stands out as a perfect choice for the fashion-forward and busy individual.

This treatment begins with a calming foot soak, using soothing agents that soften the skin and prepare the feet for a detailed pedicure. Expert nail care is a given, with precise shaping and cuticle work ensuring a flawless canvas for the Gelish application. The unique aspect of the Gelish Pedicure is its use of Gelish polish, a revolutionary product known for its resilience, glossy finish, and wide range of vibrant colors.

Unlike traditional polish, Gelish cures under an LED light, ensuring a quick drying time and a long-lasting finish that resists chips and smudges. This makes it ideal for the bustling lifestyle in Dubai, where durability is as important as appearance.

A gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and smoothens the feet, which is followed by a hydrating massage to rejuvenate and relax your feet. The application of Gelish polish concludes the treatment, leaving your feet looking impeccable and ready to take on the dynamic pace of life in Dubai.

Choose Maison Privee’s Gelish Pedicure for a touch of enduring elegance and practicality, perfect for the stylish Dubai lifestyle.

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