Things to Know Before Lip Blush Tattooing

Lip Blush tatooing

When our lips lose their elasticity with age, the vitality and the symmetry are also taking a toll. Lip blushing, on the other hand, rules out this problem. Being a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure, lip blushing promises you a pair of lushes and symmetrical lips for a long period of time.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a Lip blushing in Dubai or looking for lip blush aftercare tips, here’s everything you need to know about this procedure before plunging in.

How does it work?

Lip blushing is achieved by depositing pigments onto your lips with the help of small needles. This procedure differs from traditional tattoo art and categorized as a cosmetic enhancement.

The significance of Lip tattooing is, it not only alters the color of your lip but the shape as well.

Before opting for lip blushing in Dubai consider your,

  1. Tolerance to pain.
  2. Your budget.
  3. Side effects.
  • If you’re 100% on board with the above areas, you can contact a well-known provider like Maison Privee.
  • The provider will scrutinize your ideas, lip shape, and tone to arrive at a final decision.
  • To begin the procedure, they will numb your lips with a numbing agent in order to subdue the pain and discomfort.
  • The next step is to inject a natural-looking pigment to your lips using needles and this is done in multiple layers to bring forth an even tone to your lips.
  • The whole process will take more or less 1 – 3 hours.

Before the appointment…

The higher your pain tolerance, the less you’ll feel discomfort. However, consider using acetaminophen beforehand the procedure to minimize the pain.

Remember to refrain from having naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin, and fish oil, garlic, gingko, and vitamin E before the appointment since they can promote bleeding and bruising.

Side effects of Lip blushing that you should be aware of

Obvious minor side effects include swelling, redness, and pain. These will gradually decrease when your lips heal.

However, if you neglect proper lip blush aftercare, your lips could be infected before healing. If you notice excessive swelling, the pain getting worse, pus oozing from your lips, chills, or fever, call your doctor immediately.

Other possible side effects of lip blushing are itchiness, scars, rashes, skin bumps, uneven coloring, and blood-borne illnesses that originate from shared equipment. But, it is noteworthy that with lip blushing sessions in Dubai that are done by professional salons such as Maison Privee, you shouldn’t expect any of these major side effects.


Lip blushing Aftercare

Whether you’re choosing Maison Privee or any other lip blushing service in Dubai, make sure to be advised about proper aftercare.

Because lip blushing is semi-permanent, you should repeat this process every few years to maintain the results.

Avoid frequent lip exfoliation, exposure to the sun, and smoking because they can fade the pigment quicker.

Swelling and redness are normal side effects of lip blushing that will go away with ice or cold compresses.

Do not bandage your lips, as they need to be air-dried.

In the first week after your lips start to heal, you’ll notice that the skin of your lips will scab. Make sure not to pick at them since it can scar and ruin the even tone of your lips.

You can use petroleum jelly on your lips for protection and relief.

Moreover, it’s better if your lip blush aftercare includes no intense workouts for a few weeks when your lips are healing.

Your lips will probably appear darker before they’re completely healed after 1 month.

Your provider will ask you to visit them to have a touch-up session after a couple of months to enhance the color you need.

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