Why should men get facial treatments?

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Men are born geniuses to groom their hair and style their beards. But when the minute someone mentions “facial treatments for men” they shy away. The reason? For many years, anything fancy connected with the face was automatically assigned for women and considered ladylike.

But, not anymore! Take a look at these benefits of facials for men, and you’ll be trusting a professional to treat your face like you do with your hair!

Are men’s facials different from ladies’?

The short answer is no.
However, depending on the nature of the facial tissue, a professional at a renowned spa such as the Maison Privee will deeply cleanse, steam, exfoliate and nourish the skin of men in order to prolong the hydration and brighter complexion.

  1. Remove oil and dirt

Due to higher testosterone levels, men’s faces produce more oil. Be that as it may, lack of regular cleansing can be a culprit to have clogged pores as well. So, having a facial treatment is an effective way to open up those closed pores with steam, facial massages, and other cleansing techniques and soften dirt that lingers deep inside your skin.

  1. Greatly increase blood circulation

Blood circulation is the number 1 priority for retaining our skin’s healthy complexion. If this process isn’t up to par, facial tissues lose their vitality and produce a tired-looking face. With that being said, facials for men include Lymphatic drainage massage that will pump fresh blood and oxygen to your face and glow it up.

  1. Remove blackheads and exfoliate skin better

One of the perks of reaching out to a professional in a salon such as Maison Privee and getting a facial treatment is, letting them carefully squeeze out zits, and extract blackheads, without causing any long-term skin irritations. In fact, after cleaning the pores thoroughly, they further clean them with alpha-hydroxy acids or retinols to make sure they look smaller which gives a better overall tone on your skin.

Professionals use high-quality cleansing peels to exfoliate and remove blackheads without causing damage to your facial tissues. The deeper exfoliation that is given by these facial treatments removes dead skin cells, enhances skin tone, and helps the products you use penetrate deeper into your skin.

  1. Professionals do them better

Unlike many of us do at home with whatever scrub or cleanser we own, professionals have standard tools to make sure you improve your skin each time you have a facial. LED lights, radiofrequency, electric current, ultrasound, etc. are often used by professionals to serve better results. Although every facial won’t include high-end therapies, the regular facials that are done with professional equipment usually do wonders for you.

Besides, getting a facial treatment done by a salon is far easier and efficient rather than standing in front of your mirror for hours.

  1. Reduce stress

Men, women without discrimination we are all stuck in the rat race and constantly stressed on a daily basis. Therefore, a quality facial will stimulate the blood flow to your facial tissues and initiate the relaxation process. As a result, your cortisol levels will be low, and you can give your 100% at the gym as well.

As mentioned above, when you go for a professional such as Maison Privee, you can lie down and relax without worrying about anything.

  1. Smoother shave every time

Shaving is a daily ritual for many men out there. Not to mention it definitely irritates their skin and makes it bumpier with every shave. So, facial treatments for men are the perfect solution to have a smoother, cleaner, and less painful shave each time.


Wrapping Up

Times have drastically changed and men are more conscious about their facial skin health as well. So, if you were in a conundrum to opt for a revitalizing facial or not, there’s no better time than now to have one regularly.


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