Hyaluronic Eye Treatment

Hyaluronic Eye Treatment represents a highly sought-after, non-invasive skincare procedure, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate the delicate and vital area around the eyes. The essence of this treatment lies in the use of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in the body, celebrated for its unparalleled ability to hydrate and retain moisture, thereby significantly improving the texture and vibrancy of the skin.

The procedure can be administered through various methods, including topical application, precise injections, or the advanced microneedling technique. Each approach facilitates the deep and effective penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin. This versatile treatment diligently works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye puffiness, revealing a brighter, more youthful, and radiantly refreshed complexion. It strategically targets and diminishes dark circles, enhances skin elasticity, and delivers essential hydration and nourishment to the skin.

Hyaluronic Eye Treatment is renowned for its safety, efficacy, and the minimal downtime it entails. Clients may experience transient mild redness, swelling, or bruising post-treatment, which typically resolves in days. Strategically located in the vibrant city of Dubai, Maison Privee takes pride in offering this innovative facial treatment. Our salon invites clients to immerse themselves in a tailored skincare experience, focusing on accentuating their natural beauty and ensuring they leave with a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance, reflecting the excellence and luxury synonymous with Maison Privee.


Benefits of Hyaluronic Eye Treatment

Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles: This treatment effectively minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rendering a smoother skin texture.

Improved Skin Elasticity: The natural component, hyaluronic acid, enhances the skin's elasticity, promoting a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Brightened Complexion: It works to brighten the under-eye area, reducing dullness and offering a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Diminished Dark Circles: The treatment is adept at reducing the appearance of dark circles, ensuring a more awakened and vibrant gaze.

Reduced Under-Eye Puffiness: It helps alleviate under-eye puffiness, resulting in a more rested and revitalized appearance.

Intense Hydration: Hyaluronic acid is renowned for its hydrating properties, providing essential moisture and nourishment to the skin.

Enhanced Skin Texture: Regular treatment improves the overall texture of the skin around the eyes, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Natural and Safe: As hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally occurring in the body, the treatment is generally safe and well-tolerated.

Non-Invasive Option: This treatment is an excellent option for those seeking non-invasive solutions to enhance the eye area's appearance.

Suitable for All Skin Types: It is versatile and suitable for individuals with various skin types, including those with dry, aging, or dull skin


Our Process

Preparation and Consultation

Consultation and Analysis: 
A thorough skin analysis is conducted to assess the client’s skin type, concerns, and suitability for the treatment, ensuring a personalized approach.

Cleansing and Preparing the Skin:
The face is cleansed meticulously, focusing on the eye area to remove impurities.

The skin is exfoliated gently to remove dead skin cells, enhancing the absorption of hyaluronic acid.


Application of Hyaluronic Acid:
A specifically formulated hyaluronic acid product is applied and massaged gently into the delicate eye area using specialized techniques.

Microneedling (Optional):
If suitable, microneedling is performed using a sterile device to create micro-channels for deeper product penetration.

Soothing and Hydrating:
A calming and hydrating mask may be applied, followed by a cooling device to reduce redness or swelling, optimizing the effects of the treatment.

Protection, Aftercare

Protection and Aftercare:
The session concludes with the application of broad-spectrum sunscreen and the provision of detailed aftercare instructions.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor progress and address any concerns, with multiple sessions recommended for optimal results.

Hyaluronic Eye Treatment is a skincare procedure that utilizes hyaluronic acid to enhance the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes, reducing fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

The treatment works by applying hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in the body, which helps retain moisture and improve skin elasticity.

The frequency of treatments depends on individual skin needs and the recommendation of the skincare professional. Generally, it can be done every few weeks until desired results are achieved.

While there are at-home products available, a treatment performed by a skincare professional at Maison Privee in Dubai ensures proper application and optimal results.

Hyaluronic Eye Treatment is non-invasive with minimal downtime. Some may experience mild redness or swelling, but this typically resolves within a few days.

Yes, it is generally suitable for all skin types, but a consultation with a skincare professional is recommended to address any individual concerns.

Results can vary depending on individual skin conditions and lifestyle factors, but regular treatments can help maintain the benefits.

Some people may experience mild redness, swelling, or bruising, but these side effects are typically temporary.

It’s recommended to allow the skin to breathe and heal for at least a few hours to a day before applying makeup.

Maison Privee offers expert aestheticians, personalized care, and a luxurious environment, ensuring a high-quality and enjoyable facial experience in Dubai.