Are Jade Rollers a good investment for your skin?

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If you’ve been keeping up with the beauty blogosphere for some time, you definitely might have come across Jade Rollers. They have a distinct look with green gemstones that specifically cater to natural skincare routines.

They claim to be a big deal among beauty gurus, spas and everyone is hyped to buy one. The word is, they are capable of promoting blood circulation, preventing fine lines, depuffing, lymphatic drainage, and much more by just slowly rolling them upwards your face and neck.

But, are they really worth it or are you going to see one covered in dust in a corner of your beauty cabinet?

Let’s dive in.

Benefits of Jade Rollers

1. They flush out toxins

If you take the services of Maison spa or any other Dubai home massage, you might hear the professionals suggest to use jade rollers to help flush out the toxins from your skin. This drainage of lymphatic channels is achieved by rolling the tool outwards. The final result is a much-needed healthy glow.

2. Great for fine lines

When you use Jade rollers to massage your face, the blood circulation is boosted and the blood reaches the surface layers of the skin while plumping it up.

This is how they are instantly smoothing out the fine lines.

3. Great for under-eye puffiness

The tool is made of stone, hence it bears a natural cooling effect making it feel like an ice pack. If you want to heighten the calming effects of the Jade Roller then, by all means, keep it in the refrigerator or freezer for some time.

Moreover, if you are suffering from under-eye puffiness, or minor face irritations, masseurs or beauty gurus from Dubai home massages or spas will definitely tell you to invest in a Jade roller.

A freezing Jade roller will sweep that tiredness out of your eyes in seconds. So, giving a Jade roller go might not be so bad.

4. They increase the effects of skincare products you use

It is no secret that many of us apply face products including creams, serums, oils, etc. However, we do not usually spend time letting them properly sink into our skin.

But, when you use this tool right away after applying a face product, it ensures the products go deep into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.

5. Suited for anyone

Jade Rollers are known to be extra gentle and safe on your skin, therefore they are suited for any type of skin.

6. They are eco-friendly

Unlike many contemporary beauty products, Jade Rollers are eco-friendly because they are made of naturally occurring material. Not to mention, A Jade Roller is durable and can last a lifetime if it is properly cared for.

7. You can clean them easily

Many professionals from Dubai home massages including Maison spa recommend Jade Rollers to their clients because they have tons of upsides, and they can be maintained with minimum effort.

Jade rollers can withstand extreme temperatures which means you can clean them with boiling water. Compared to Derma rollers that have tiny needles on their surface, Jade rollers have a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned.

However, remember that Jade Rollers are made of porous material. In other words, they are bacteria magnets.

Thus, cleaning them regularly with alcohol or boiling water is mandatory.

Flip sides of Jade Rollers

1. Deep wrinkles won’t disappear

Despite the promises that fancy advertisements and sellers give you, Jade Rollers cannot make deep wrinkles or sagging skin disappear. Unfortunately, they only work for fine lines.

2. You need to keep on rolling

Long story short, if you stop Jade rolling, the eye bags and fine lines will reappear. In order to get the best out of them, you need to make Jade rollers a part of your daily routine.

3. Should be used on clean skin

Using Jade rollers on makeup is bad. This can push in the dirt that will further damage your skin. So, always use Jade rollers on squeaky clean skin or just after applying a skin product.

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4. Jade Rollers are famous

How could this be a flip side?

The problem is, the more they are famous, the more fake products are introduced to the market. Therefore, reach out to a reputable seller or professional in any spa including Maison spa prior to buying a Jade roller to avoid dyed marble or glass made rollers. Likewise, steer clear from cheap prices that promise original products.

The verdict

Jade rollers have their own ups and downs. However, the upsides win the race. So, we at Maison spa recommend you to invest in a quality Jade roller.


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