Top massage techniques for weight loss


Massaging retains its reputation by being an unparalleled tool for calming your mind, body and spirit. Undoubtedly, massaging soothes your entire system. However, are you aware that massages can promote weight loss too?
If a massage is done using precision and with correct technique, yes, you’ll be amazed by the wonders that can be realized by a massage.

Not convinced yet? Here’s proof.

Does it actually work? Yes!

According to thefitindian.com, studies suggest that if you apply regular massages to an area that is accumulated with fat, the fat cells around that area can be drastically reduced. However, in order to accomplish this, one must perform the massage with correct techniques. Moreover, massages activate your blood vessels ensuring the blood ends up in every vital organ, hence promoting optimal functionality in them. When your overall blood circulation is maximized your organs function well ultimately stabilizing your mental and physical equilibrium.

There are several massages that are done by massage therapists in spas including Maison spa to kickstart weight loss. One is the Deep tissue massage that penetrates the inner layers of the injured muscles and heals them. Another type of massage is the Swedish massage that is commonly used in many spas and Dubai Home Massages. The masseurs incorporate vibration and different kneading techniques to provide their clients with relief and relaxation. Trigger point massage, on the other hand, is focused on your sensitive muscle points.

1.Massaging over the abdominal area

Even seasoned athletes get belly pouches due to bloating.So, if you’re suffering from irregular bowel movements, digestive problems or constipation, you’ll find regular abdominal massages beneficial. Kneading your abdomen in a clockwise motion twice a day for a couple of minutes before breakfast and before bed is recommended. It will tone your abdominal muscles and give you some definition.

      • Lie down on your back and rub your palms together to get them warm.
      • Place one palm on your belly button while rubbing around it in a circular motion.
      • Using firm pressure, widen the circle.
      • Take 1-2 seconds to finish each circle.
      • Do 40-50 circles up to 2 minutes.
2. Manual lymphatic drainage massage

This technique is quite gentle and predominantly used to relieve severe fluid retention. A Manual lymphatic drainage massage can reduce a conspicuous amount of fat around your arms and legs.

So, if you suspect you might have fluid retention, contact Maison spa to have a professional massage to relieve from this issue.

3. Massaging to remove cellulite
When you’re at a spa or having a Dubai home massage, you’ll be undoubtedly suggested having one of these vigorous massages for cellulite-prone areas. You can make a half-hour spa appointment and focus your treatment on your legs, hips and thighs.

This massage technique will be focused on applying pressure on your whole thigh area including the top and the sides. The motion should resemble water being squeezed from a washcloth. Massaging your thighs will flush out the toxins ultimately hastening the fat loss process around that area. So, next time when you book your spa appointment, don’t forget to have this slimming massage.

4. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is renowned for curbing your appetite which is obviously beneficial for burning more fat.

The therapist of the spa or the Dubai home massage will choose the essential oil that is most suited for your requirement which will stimulate your senses and make you feel at ease.

People who experience Aromatherapy massages find their sleeping issues solved, stress relieved, mood improved and muscular pain dwindled.

Summing Up
Evidently, massaging is rather beneficial for your overall health. Therefore, pairing a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity with a massage can certainly get you one step closer to your fat loss goal.
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